Professional Carpet Cleaning

Tips on getting your carpet cleaned

For many people, one of their biggest investments is their personal home.  Inside the home, the typically largest investment in the house is the flooring throughout the home.  Given that it covers, well, every floor, it takes up a surprisingly large portion of the usable space in the home.  Many people do not think about it that often, unless they have to replace it, which can lead to a substantial amount of heartache due to the extreme cost.  A small room inside the home can cost between $250-1,000.  This is significant given that many homes need multiple rooms replaced at the same time, which can put a crazy strain on the budget.

professional carpet cleaning

Alternatives to Replacing the Carpeting

The most common alternative to replacing the carpeting on the home is to have the carpet professionally cleaned.  This requires finding a reputable, professional carpeting cleaning company that can come in and provide a solid bid for the job and then follow through with a solid job in cleaning the carpet.  What you want to look for from your carpet cleaning professional is to have someone that utilized professional grade tools (not someone who has rented a steamer from the local hardware store).  They should also have the required amount of knowledge in carpet cleaning, which includes how much solvent to use as well as how long to leave the cleaning solution on the carpet and how to clean it up.  Please ask them about the different techniques that it takes to clean different types of carpets.  Also, be sure to ask them about the different types of carpet cleaning solutions that they have access to.  Some of these cleaning solutions can be great for different types of carpets.  In addition, there are several new types of cleaning solutions that are not harmful to the environment.  These solutions are based on new green technologies and can keep your home clean while not harming young children or pets.  The downside is that these cleaners, while much improved over the last few years, are not always quite as beneficial as the professional carpet cleaning solutions that are not fully green.

Cleaning it Yourself

Some people decide to forego the professional cleaning route so that they can save money by doing it themselves.  What they do is rent a cleaner and then wreak havoc on their carpets.  Instead of doing that, try these tips to clean your carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Tips

First, you should try and choose a newer carpet cleaning machine.  Also, be sure to look and find a model that has better internal parts.  Although you cannot tell just from looking, one tip is to find one with extra features.  These are typically put on higher end models and not on the cheaper ones.
Second, be absolutely sure to read the direction on the vacuum.  What you do not want to do is to use too much cleaning solvent.  This will be difficult to completely rinse, which will harm your carpets.  Your carpets will then gather dirt and hair (and mites) much quicker, which leads to premature wear.
Finally, be sure to rinse it really well and then dry.  Many people skip the rinsing step.  Don’t do that.  Instead, spend extra time to rinse off the cleaning solution.

Good luck with your carpets.